Pregnant Women

Holy shit it’s been a while! I’ve so much to bitch about and so little time!

So today, my annoyance with some pregnant women and women with babies has culminated and is now resulting in this post!

Where to start? Today I found out that a woman who has gone on maternity leave, come back for the minimum amount of time before she can yet again leave for mat leave, is finally scheduled to come back to work. Well guess again. She took some other type of leave lol. Friggin lazy people who take advantage of the system piss me off. Maybe I should pop out a few and stay on eternal leave lol.

Now, the other type is the type that refuses to wear maternity clothes. Yer pregnant, wear it. What is up w/ pregnant ladies wearing tight clothing as if they were 120 lbs? Yer fat, dress accordingly, we don’t wanna see that shit. Denial much?

I won’t even get into the ones who expect a seat on the bus! Yer pregnant and you can’t afford a car? Really? Morgentaler’s on Bank Street, make a right.

Lastly, the old ladies in their 40s who are pregnant. Need I say more? You look ridiculous.


Werd Presss

So I’ve recently discovered the Word Press App for iOS. So now I can post as this unbelievable shit happens! I can bitch on the go! This means more posts people! Stay tuned for stories of the rudest people you’ll ever encounter.

I can’t breathe

Look you fat bitch, you can’t fit here so get the hell out!

Oh and I thought you were a man when you sat down (and for five minutes after that)

Backdoor Bill

Ever been back doored? Like royally screwed? Yeah, that was me this weekend, but more specifically, out of the various incidents that occured, this one took the cake. Ever make plans with someone, like definite plans and have them drop off the face of the earth the day of the event? We’ve all had those. Hell, Ive even kinda done it. You know when you commit but you dont really wanna go? But in this case, this person knew how much going meant to me and about how previous plans had fallen through, yet decided to screw me over anyway. Gotta love that.

Worst part of it is, that he didnt even know what the event was – as in, he had never heard of it. Bastard asks me to send all the info about the event, directions and all. I do so and include pricing etc. He writes to me saying it’s a go and to text him to finish up the details. Except, he knew full well that I did not have his new cell number. (Uh oh!) I knew that writing back was moot, but I still did confirming details for meeting times. I emailed him and texted his old cell, knowing that he would probably give me some lame excuse about not having checked facebook etc. Weird thing is, that I had a dream about it the night before. About him not calling me.

The next day, 11 am hits and I know full well that I wont hear from him. I know full well that he has my number, but won’t text and then will say “Oh I never heard from you” and go to the event without me with the GF who was supposed to come with. Indeed, as predicted, his email came in at 500pm, about 30 mins before the end of the event. And, like clockwork, it came “Oh no! I just read this..I should have texted YOU, what was I thinking….. The event was great, I went with my GF… .” and went on to describe it. WOW. I coulda punched him! You can imagine my response. It was classic. I told him to go screw himself and that I had more fun doing something else than hang out with him and his trailor trash girlfriend he met online (lol).

Oh it doesnt end here. He TEXTS me 10 mins after I wrote the email on FB and blocked his ass! What? You have my number all of a sudden? You have texted me? You read the FB message very quickly?? All of a sudden you have access to FB? I smell a rat, a dirty rat. ASSHOLE!!!!! It was my bloody idea and he stole it, went without me – stood me up, and had the nerve to write to me about it?? I predicted he would do it, so don’t call me crazy for accusing him of wrongdoing. He called me nuts. Ummm who wouldnt be pissed? The poor excuse for a human being had put the moves on me a while back…He was probably still reeling from the very obvious rejection. Hell, I wouldnt touch him with a 50 foot pole! The only way he gets any is because he hits up desperate eleventeen year olds so hopped up on drugs they dont realize how ugly he is and settle. No one decent will ever want his pathetic ass. EVER. I didn’t 😉 Oh, did I mention that in the event that I had found his number, he had a ready made excuse (his phone died and he had no battery). This is the lil shit who kept texting and FBing me to go out with him 2 mos ago. LOL

So, suck my dick bitch. I saved the 60 bux + that you couldn’t afford to put down. Enjoy life at your mom’s loser.

Don’t be sittin’ on muh purse biatch!

So Im sitting on the bus and as it empties out, I notice a woman stopping by my seat, hesitating…Should she sit next to me or can she find a seat in the back? My purse is on the seat and I see her from the corner of my eye. Bitch sits on the bench and a bit on my purse. I didnt move it and when I walked out..I shoved the bitch lol

You ugly, bitch!

Don’t you just hate when ugly people think they are hot? I’ve dealt with several in the past few years… They primp themselves up, talk about all the guys that “want” them and about all the attention they get from guys. I have no idea why. Maybe they meet guys with low standards or maybe they are making it up. Actually, I know they do.

These girls are ugly or fat or both! So annoying. Sometimes, you just wanna tell them “you’re not that hot” or “you’re ugly” or “yeah right”, but ya don’t.  Alas, these are not socially acceptable phrases, so I simply listen as they drone on. Smile and nod as they go on with their tales of adoration from the opposite sex. It’s like you know they are lying. There is no way anyone finds them attractive. Unless they are equally as ugly. Yes, I have seen the quality of the men they attract and they certainly arent 10s on the rating scale. It’s nice to get attention and Im happy for you, but look at the person telling you dears. Quality vs quantity ladies. 😉


The Big Demon: Age

Why is age so important to everyone over the age of I dunno 25 or almost 25? Why are we all so obsessed with looking younger, lying about our age, dressing in age inappropriate manners, poking fun at each other? Age is most definitely the source of many insecurities we adults hold. Our society tells us that youth is valued and the old are discarded. No one wants to be discarded, so they try to keep up. Ever since I turned 25, all Ive heard were age related comments, insults and jokes directed at myself. Some by people only a couple years younger than me. Are you in denial?!? When you start behaving as though someone a couple of years older than you is from another generation or older than you are, it’s quiet obvious you are in denial and have some major issues. Leave it to me to expose these issues. I can spot these people miles away: The look of joy when they find out you’re 25 and not 19, the comments regarding the age of others by 50 year olds (seriously?), even the famous male/female double standard. Ive seen them all. It’s like aging is bad, but we all go through it. How can I make it so that I don’t age or so that I age but I’m immune to the stigma? I’ll dress to look 30 years younger, buy a sports car and get a girlfriend that belongs to the generation toting this style of dress. I’ll also say that because I am a man, Im ok. Ill create an industry dedicated to anti-aging products for women and make women believe that this standard only applies to them. A multi million dollar idea! Chaching!

What? Last I time I checked you aged as well. Last time I checked, young women didn’t want wrinkles and white hair and pot bellies either. LOL. Now that we make our own money, the standard is shifting and slowly applying to men. Some anti-aging products for men are released and balance is soon to be restored. Ain’t life grand? No, we want young guys with washboard abs and a winning personality. Who says the number matters anyways? If you look 20 then you pretty much are. Maybe not mentally, but physically. There are 17 year olds who are obese just like there are 35 year olds who thin, hot and look 21. Age doesnt define who we are and I won’t let it control me.

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