Vans vs cars

Have you ever encountered a fellow driver on the road in a larger vehicle thinking that they can cut you off simply because they drive a truck or a van? Yeah, you know the ones “I have  a big truck so you’re gonna move tiny car”. Oh, not in this lifetime buddy!

Today I took fate into my own hands and decided to teach an SUV driver a lesson. Check it: Im in my car at the Shoppers on Tenth and ready to stroll out of the safety of my tiny parking space, when I see a car drive out. I let him go by because I didnt want to cut him off, despite the fact that I was pulling out first. So Im already a lil annoyed, but meh I decide to be the good Samaritan and let the fucker drive out in front of me. So finally, I pull out and start driving, only to see this big van or SUV try to pull a fast one and get out of his spot ahead of me. Oh fuck no, I wasnt gonna have it, so I continue to drive along, slightly increasing my speed in an attempt to prevent him from doing the inevitable. The fucker CUNTinues to move forward increasing his speed to continue the cut off. Let’s just say that I went as far as I could without causing a collision, put on the brakes, and as I inched just a bit further ahead of him I honked. REALLY LOUDLY. He stops and looks at me like Im the crazy one? I had the right of way buddy. Dont pretend you didnt see me because you weren’t skilled enough to cut off a young girl in a silver 2001 Grand Am. So I move ahead…. Only to notice that he wasnt trying to go left (in his failed attempt at a cutoff, he ends up on the wrong side of the road, so I figured he was gonna continue and we’d be side by side. Which annoyed me) he was going to turn right as I was. So he truly failed and demonstrated that he was trying to cut me off but couldnt get ahead of me so ended up to the left. He ended up following me…eeep. Oh well. Come and get me is what I yelled to myself as I strode away satisfied in my victory.

You may be bigger and think you are better, but you ain’t never come up against a Grand Am!

Moral of the story: Dont fuck with me on the road. You ain’t gonna win.

The end 😉