The Noisy Eater

There are some things that occur while riding the bus that are annoying, but some acts just take the cake! I’m talking about people who eat on the bus. Sure, enjoy your bag o’ chips or whatever, but when you start bringing dishware and utensils, this is where I draw the line. This ain’t no restaurant lady. It’s not a fast food take out joint. It’s the bus! Eating on the bus is the equivalent to eating in the bathroom. It’s vile, not only because it’s full of germs and nasty…but yeah pretty much because of that. It’s just inappropriate!

So this morning, I hop on the express route only to hear a clanging noise. This is a nightmare to my ears because I can’t stand the sound of a spoon or fork hitting a piece of glass (bowl, etc.) so the last place I expect to hear it is on the bus! This lady was eating oatmeal, or whatever, in a glass! I look at her like “seriously lady? are you kidding me? really right now?” She was looking back and I could tell by her face that she was cognizant of the fact that she was damn annoying! I could also tell that other passengers were annoyed as well. One man turns around with annoyance then suddenly realizes he knows the noise maker. He goes and sits with her, they talk. I’m like “No man! Don’t prolong it!” If you get her talking, we’ll never hear the end of it! So it lasted the whole busride. Like I swear, that glass was bottomless. It wouldnt end. Like how much fricken oatmeal can one fit in one of those things. I mean really?

Luckily peace ensued when she was done. I think I even saw her say something to the man about me being annoyed. From the corner of my eye, I saw him stare at me as she put her damn glass away and then bat his hand like “Ignore that.” Well, he sure as hell wasnt until he realize who she was. Idiot.Maybe she’ll accidentally eat a tapeworm in the process one day. That’ll teach her.