Jealous Bitches

I won’t lie, Im educated. More educated than everyone on my team. I applied to grad school and, unlike most, was accepted and completed my graduate work. Am I a snob? Do I think Im smarter than everyone else? No. However, this one person with a bachelor and a college certificate she likes to call “graduate work” (LMFAO). Whatever floats your boat sister. She walks around trying to sound like an encyclopedia or a dictionary, trying so hard to make herself sound as though she is intelligent. She puts others down when they dont comprehend a new task and speaks to them like they are 5 or semi-retarded, while explaining it again. She even says that she knows more than anyone else and refers to popular fiction literature as “trash that [I] would never read”  So when faced with me, who is a level below her, she likes to make all sorts of comments about this. Of course, it’s always about a “friend” or something a “manager” said to a “friend”. What was it “You are doing assistant work, so managers will look down on you for doing this for the past 2 years because you have a grad degree.”. I coulda punched the uneducated (and I do say FAT and UGLY) bitch. She spent 3 years being an assistant herself before kissing her ass to a very junior position (oh and she seriously believes shes really 2 levels above what her substantive position is). So, I say, you’re telling me that if two assistants apply for a PE job come to you, you will take the one who knows nothing, has a bachelor’s degree in a completely unrelated field, over someone with more experience, knowledge, and a Masters degree? Right. That makes total sense. …I walked away.

Oh and she says she applied to grad school, got accepted in 2 places and refused to go to college. LOL. Money was an issue…Sure…Your dad is a chef and why would you apply if you couldnt afford it in the first place? I think she failed at life. Wow, a know it all not getting into graduate school? Must hurt. Ouch! She says she now wants to concentrate on a family that she cant have…. Sure sister.

God women are so catty. I hate them.