Cyclists vs. Pedestrians

I don’t know about you, but I most certainly am NOT a cyclist and if I do venture out on my bicycle (which is, like, never) I do it on a bike path or on a quiet residential street. I don’t venture out on the highway or on city streets and I certainly follow the rules of the road.

I’ve noticed, especially with the appearance of various bicycle lanes, a number of cyclists disobeying the rules of the road or causing accidents by hitting pedestrians (who should, mind you, keep an eye out as well) simply because they think they have the right of way. Let me tell you something: When you drive a car, you might have the right of way on a green light or on a street, but if someone jay walks in front of you, YOU ARE the person responsible for the accident and you will be charged. Why should this be any different for cyclists? They arent even vehicles lol. While some cyclists wish to be considered as such, they surely neglect to follow traffic laws (i.e. using the pedestrian crosswalk to get around waiting at a red light, etc.). Gee I wish I could walk out of my car, put it in neutral and walk it across the pedestrian crossing. Seriously. Make up your mind. You are either a vehicle of the road OR you are a pedestrian. You can’t have it both ways.

I notice the frustration from cyclists when pedestrians watch carefully for cars, but non-challantly make their way through a bike path or road without a care for whomever may be coming their way. I get that. But seriously, you aren’t a 1 ton machine. You are riding a 30 lbs bike and can stop a lot more easily. So get over yourselves. Keep your eyes open. You are a nuissance.

Why am I suddenly going off on cyclists? I had a run in today. I was crossing the street, where bike lanes exist, and carefully looked to see if any were coming. None were so my friend and I crossed. Unfortunately, we didnt see a bike coming on the other side of the street as we approached the end of our journey across the road. Who yelled at us? The cyclist? No. None other than 2 older ladies in their late 40s or early 50s telling us to watch out in a very aggressive manner. Then, as we avoided collision, the cyclist gave us a dirty look but it was the head nodding from side to side from one of the old bats that really pissed me off. “Watch where you’re going”. WHO THE FUCK ASKED YOU? I told my friend I hated cyclists and one of the women went off on us. She must have been a fellow rider because she schooled us on the right of way. Well sweety, I said, if she hits me..shes in trouble, to which she replied that this was not so as I would have caused the accident. I said, try hitting someone with your car and tell me who the police will think is responsible. That shut her up. Let me tell you, we were pissed! Im sure that had we been in Depends as well, we wouldnt have gotten that foul treatment.

Some people!