The bus is empty, so why are you still sitting next to me?

Have you ever been on a bus that was full and then had someone sit right next to you? I’m sure you have and that’s perfectly fine but at some point that bus has to empty; and, when it does one expects a normal North American to move away.

Well not me. No, I get the idiot who insists on sitting right next to me really smugly sitting beside me and not moving despite the fact that the bus is empty and there are plenty of empty of seats now readily available. Why is that? Are they afraid to offend you? Are they being assholes?

My hypothesis points to the latter because as soon as you decide to leave the bus for some reason, I don’t know perhaps it is your stop, they readily go up and move to an available empty seat. This is when you internally combust, totally lose it. Anger rises and you just wanna knock em down.

Has this ever happened to you?

It’s like get away. Can you move please? Or how about when you’re in a 3 seater and you’re on the edge. The other two seats are empty. Some moron comes on the bus and rather than sitting on the third bench on the other extremity they choose to sit right next to you and plop their handbag on the other bench. At this point you’re thinking “what the hell?” You get up and leave to move to another seat or perhaps it is your stop. Either way, as soon as you move from that seat they finally decide to move over to the end seat. At this point your anger rises and surmounts to a point where you’re not sure if you can even handle it.
What is wrong with people? Sometimes I just hate everyone.