Do blondes do it better?

Earlier today I had a debate with a male friend about blondes and why men like them. I asked the question. I suddenly found myself thinking about it last week when I found out that a guy I liked had a girlfriend. She was blonde. Why is it that as soon as I see a guy dating a blonde, I automatically assume that he has a type. Like he only likes blonde chicks. Then I find myself judging him for it, like he’s somehow less of a human being because he likes blondes. Like he couldnt possibly be anyone I could see myself with because he likes blondes. I get sort of upset when I see a brown haired man dating a blonde, especially if he’s not of European descent. No not really, just any guy. But I guess if I see a guy who is so far from a blonde himself, who likes someone who is like none of the women in his culture –whom you would think he’d be attracted to but is clearly rejecting–could possibly date someone with blonde hair. It makes me think that he’s really going out of his way to date someone simply because she has yellow strands of matter stemming from her head.

The worst of it is, is that she’s cute, his girlfriend I mean, but more the girl next door type. Plain Jane. Not even a hot bombshell blonde. Yet he flirts with me, so I guess he’s not completely resigned to dating blondes.

He’s the one I had the argument with. He said he’s dated brunettes before, but had to go back. How fucking rude a thing is it to tell something like that to a brunette. He even mentionned that most guys prefer blondes. How mean is that. Well clearly you dont, cause you keep flirting with me, coming over to my desk, and going out of your way to pass by it. You look for me when you walk by from what I hear. When Im not there. That convo just pissed me off, but then again I dissed blondes and his gf is blonde. I dont get it. They have no pigmentation. Ugh.

So is it really true? Do men prefer blondes? Ive never been pushed over for one, nor have I had trouble meeting a man because of it. Although I do notice the attention they get. It stands out more I guess.

Anyways, that’s my little bit of information that Im just throwing out there in the universe.