Pregnant Women

Holy shit it’s been a while! I’ve so much to bitch about and so little time!

So today, my annoyance with some pregnant women and women with babies has culminated and is now resulting in this post!

Where to start? Today I found out that a woman who has gone on maternity leave, come back for the minimum amount of time before she can yet again leave for mat leave, is finally scheduled to come back to work. Well guess again. She took some other type of leave lol. Friggin lazy people who take advantage of the system piss me off. Maybe I should pop out a few and stay on eternal leave lol.

Now, the other type is the type that refuses to wear maternity clothes. Yer pregnant, wear it. What is up w/ pregnant ladies wearing tight clothing as if they were 120 lbs? Yer fat, dress accordingly, we don’t wanna see that shit. Denial much?

I won’t even get into the ones who expect a seat on the bus! Yer pregnant and you can’t afford a car? Really? Morgentaler’s on Bank Street, make a right.

Lastly, the old ladies in their 40s who are pregnant. Need I say more? You look ridiculous.