Werd Presss

So I’ve recently discovered the Word Press App for iOS. So now I can post as this unbelievable shit happens! I can bitch on the go! This means more posts people! Stay tuned for stories of the rudest people you’ll ever encounter.


I can’t breathe

Look you fat bitch, you can’t fit here so get the hell out!

Oh and I thought you were a man when you sat down (and for five minutes after that)

Must you sit next to me??

If any of you are habitual riders of the Red and White limo, we like to call the bus here in Ottawa, then you’ve probably experienced this. That unpleasant feeling when someone sits right next to you. It’s the most irritating feeling, particularly when they sit on your bag, or on you for that matter. It’s like, I put my bag there for a reason. So you wouldn’t sit next to me. I gave you a number of non-verbal cues: I gave a sigh. I gave you a dirty look. I told you, must you fucking sit right next to me??? Shouldnt thatĀ give you a hint to sit elsewhere? This is particularly true when the bus is empty and the person simply HAS to sit right there! Right next to you! It’s even worse when they smell or hum to themselves. Anyone ever experience this? I think I might take my car to work. Then we’d run into another problem wouldnt we? The tailgater. The slow moron in front of you. The asshole who cuts you off.

Sometimes I wish I could remove myself from society all together. The truth is that I can’t stand people. I really can’t. Never been able to deal with them or maintain steady relationships with them. That is, until I turned 25. I made lifelong friends in Kitchener and in grad school in Ottawa. Ive met a few along the way. But those who are not friends. Those I would rather never associate with, but with which I have no choice, those are the hard ones. I seriously need to work from home and work for myself. No morning busrides, no annoying commute, no parking tickets, no co-workers. Just me. Me and my cocoon.\