Whatever happened to “haha im older than you are”?

For the past several years, since the age of 25, I have encountered strange comments and other behaviours. It seems as though everyone becomes uber sensitive about being “older” when they hit 25. I’ll simply focus on two small incidents in this blog post. I won’t get into the ridiculous comments from older women remembering their own insecurities at that age and capitalizing on this to make themselves feel better about being in their 40s or 50s. No, I’ll focus on those made by those my age.

One, co-worker: OMG yer older? <We’re a year apart.>

Two, co worker to another co-worker on their mutual birthdays: Really? Two years [older]?  <Are you kidding me>

Three, friend I just met: How old are you. Me [two years older than her]. Her: Haha yer older. <Really?>

And I could go on. The only thing I can say in response is this: If you were young and felt young and had no issue with being above 25 or 30, then you wouldn’t be making such a dumb comment and/or you would be teasing someone about being YOUNGER than you are. Remember when we were kids? Someone a month younger would get teased for being a kid.

Whatever happened to “haha im older than you?” Funny how that changes. 😉


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