So many morons, so little time

Sometimes I have to take a break from complaining. A break from putting all of my negative thoughts out there in cyberland. I want to try and become more positive, but appears that little baby Jesus has a different plan for me. He keeps putting idiots and morons in my path. Is it a test? Well if it is, Im here to solve it!

Where to begin? Ok, today I will choose little asswipes who work behind the counter at an eatery, embittered by a low salary and poor working conditions, forced to serve the proletariat a meal in scone form. Yes, Im talking about that lil shit at Sconewitch who totally disrespects me each time Im there. Im sure it’s not personal, but really? You order your food at the back, you go back to the front to pay at the cash. In the summer it’s boiling hot because the owner is too God damn cheap to pay for air conditioning–and apparently electronic payments as I aptly learned today (they always have in the past btw).

Now I don’t know if that turd is the owner, but he is quite the penis. It’s not only that he makes you wait until he’s good and ready to take your order to acknowledge your presence at the back counter, but that he does the same at the cash–without an apology for making you wait for him to get his lazy prissy ass to the cash. On top of this today he announces, as I tend my debit card, that they are no longer accepting any form of electronic payment, defines this as debit and credit (no shit, like I need to take vocab lessons from a cashier) and proceeds to insinuate that it is my fault for not having seen the sign on the front door, which I later found out presented itself in the form of a tiny/miniscule doily with the words “CASH ONLY” inscribed on its surface (this among a number of ridiculous stickers on the olden, paint-chipped door). What were the words “Just so you know we’re no longer accepting any form of e payment..blah is written on a sign on the door on the way in.” or something like this. Really? That 3 inch doily is supposed to be noticed you cheap mother fucker?! On top of practically blaming me in a pathetic attempt to absolve himself of any blame for the incident (try telling people before they order asshole, or put a sign at the back or at the cash), he tells me “I don’t know what to tell you” after I tell him that I have no cash in a slightly flustered manner. OMG REALLY?? Well, I know what to tell you: Have fun losing your business jerkoff, cause no one carries cash!! I just extended my hand for my card without a word and arrogantly looked at him with my hands extended in front of me and slightly to the side, open as if to say “well, I dont know what to tell you, Im walking out of here without paying for the order coming up back there”. I had a look on my face that was like “oh well, too bad” and backed away in this posture and turned around and walked out as he informed me of the bank next door. Sorry, you are too cheap to pay 25 cents for my transaction, well Im too cheap to pay 3 bux for mine . Im never going back there. They can suck it. Slow wait times anyways.

The end.

PS I had nachos for lunch


Just because you can fit in it, doesn’t mean you should wear it

Ever seen this: Older women in their late 40s and 50s dressing in tight skinny jeans, tube tops, 5 inch heals and wearing way too much makeup? No? Hit Gatineau, QC and you will find them in abundance. I swear, their haven is the mall, specifically the cheap, taudry teen stores. Where else? Besides the bar, trying to pick up your young ass.  Seriously, there should be an age limit in those stores. No one over the age of 24. An alarm should sound if your old ass tries to get in.

Anyway, I saw so many at Promenades de l’Outaouais that I almost fell over as I looked over a sea of bleached blonde hair and hot pink lipstick! The worst is when you think it’s a young person and they turn around. Egadz! In my building there is one lady who shows up to work wearing tight clothing, including this micro mini and this leopard print dress. AT WORK. She’s 5o! Sure she weighs 80 lbs, but frig, this begs the title of this blog! You might be a size 10 in children sizes, but that doesnt give you a license to go out and buy it, let alone expose the rest of the world to it. Did I mention the 6 inch healed thigh high boots? Oh lawwd.

Seriously, I dont understand why people can not accept their age and who they are. Yer old. DEAL WITH IT. Wearing something your granddaughter is wearing will not make you 16 again. Give it up lady. Especially you at the shoe store who gave me the ruddest laugh cause I wouldnt let her cougar ass go by. I was there first, it’s like go around.

Any comments? Anyone? Bueller?