Do blondes do it better?

Earlier today I had a debate with a male friend about blondes and why men like them. I asked the question. I suddenly found myself thinking about it last week when I found out that a guy I liked had a girlfriend. She was blonde. Why is it that as soon as I see a guy dating a blonde, I automatically assume that he has a type. Like he only likes blonde chicks. Then I find myself judging him for it, like he’s somehow less of a human being because he likes blondes. Like he couldnt possibly be anyone I could see myself with because he likes blondes. I get sort of upset when I see a brown haired man dating a blonde, especially if he’s not of European descent. No not really, just any guy. But I guess if I see a guy who is so far from a blonde himself, who likes someone who is like none of the women in his culture –whom you would think he’d be attracted to but is clearly rejecting–could possibly date someone with blonde hair. It makes me think that he’s really going out of his way to date someone simply because she has yellow strands of matter stemming from her head.

The worst of it is, is that she’s cute, his girlfriend I mean, but more the girl next door type. Plain Jane. Not even a hot bombshell blonde. Yet he flirts with me, so I guess he’s not completely resigned to dating blondes.

He’s the one I had the argument with. He said he’s dated brunettes before, but had to go back. How fucking rude a thing is it to tell something like that to a brunette. He even mentionned that most guys prefer blondes. How mean is that. Well clearly you dont, cause you keep flirting with me, coming over to my desk, and going out of your way to pass by it. You look for me when you walk by from what I hear. When Im not there. That convo just pissed me off, but then again I dissed blondes and his gf is blonde. I dont get it. They have no pigmentation. Ugh.

So is it really true? Do men prefer blondes? Ive never been pushed over for one, nor have I had trouble meeting a man because of it. Although I do notice the attention they get. It stands out more I guess.

Anyways, that’s my little bit of information that Im just throwing out there in the universe.


The Noisy Eater

There are some things that occur while riding the bus that are annoying, but some acts just take the cake! I’m talking about people who eat on the bus. Sure, enjoy your bag o’ chips or whatever, but when you start bringing dishware and utensils, this is where I draw the line. This ain’t no restaurant lady. It’s not a fast food take out joint. It’s the bus! Eating on the bus is the equivalent to eating in the bathroom. It’s vile, not only because it’s full of germs and nasty…but yeah pretty much because of that. It’s just inappropriate!

So this morning, I hop on the express route only to hear a clanging noise. This is a nightmare to my ears because I can’t stand the sound of a spoon or fork hitting a piece of glass (bowl, etc.) so the last place I expect to hear it is on the bus! This lady was eating oatmeal, or whatever, in a glass! I look at her like “seriously lady? are you kidding me? really right now?” She was looking back and I could tell by her face that she was cognizant of the fact that she was damn annoying! I could also tell that other passengers were annoyed as well. One man turns around with annoyance then suddenly realizes he knows the noise maker. He goes and sits with her, they talk. I’m like “No man! Don’t prolong it!” If you get her talking, we’ll never hear the end of it! So it lasted the whole busride. Like I swear, that glass was bottomless. It wouldnt end. Like how much fricken oatmeal can one fit in one of those things. I mean really?

Luckily peace ensued when she was done. I think I even saw her say something to the man about me being annoyed. From the corner of my eye, I saw him stare at me as she put her damn glass away and then bat his hand like “Ignore that.” Well, he sure as hell wasnt until he realize who she was. Idiot.Maybe she’ll accidentally eat a tapeworm in the process one day. That’ll teach her.

You ugly, bitch!

Don’t you just hate when ugly people think they are hot? I’ve dealt with several in the past few years… They primp themselves up, talk about all the guys that “want” them and about all the attention they get from guys. I have no idea why. Maybe they meet guys with low standards or maybe they are making it up. Actually, I know they do.

These girls are ugly or fat or both! So annoying. Sometimes, you just wanna tell them “you’re not that hot” or “you’re ugly” or “yeah right”, but ya don’t.  Alas, these are not socially acceptable phrases, so I simply listen as they drone on. Smile and nod as they go on with their tales of adoration from the opposite sex. It’s like you know they are lying. There is no way anyone finds them attractive. Unless they are equally as ugly. Yes, I have seen the quality of the men they attract and they certainly arent 10s on the rating scale. It’s nice to get attention and Im happy for you, but look at the person telling you dears. Quality vs quantity ladies. 😉


Jealous Bitches

I won’t lie, Im educated. More educated than everyone on my team. I applied to grad school and, unlike most, was accepted and completed my graduate work. Am I a snob? Do I think Im smarter than everyone else? No. However, this one person with a bachelor and a college certificate she likes to call “graduate work” (LMFAO). Whatever floats your boat sister. She walks around trying to sound like an encyclopedia or a dictionary, trying so hard to make herself sound as though she is intelligent. She puts others down when they dont comprehend a new task and speaks to them like they are 5 or semi-retarded, while explaining it again. She even says that she knows more than anyone else and refers to popular fiction literature as “trash that [I] would never read”  So when faced with me, who is a level below her, she likes to make all sorts of comments about this. Of course, it’s always about a “friend” or something a “manager” said to a “friend”. What was it “You are doing assistant work, so managers will look down on you for doing this for the past 2 years because you have a grad degree.”. I coulda punched the uneducated (and I do say FAT and UGLY) bitch. She spent 3 years being an assistant herself before kissing her ass to a very junior position (oh and she seriously believes shes really 2 levels above what her substantive position is). So, I say, you’re telling me that if two assistants apply for a PE job come to you, you will take the one who knows nothing, has a bachelor’s degree in a completely unrelated field, over someone with more experience, knowledge, and a Masters degree? Right. That makes total sense. …I walked away.

Oh and she says she applied to grad school, got accepted in 2 places and refused to go to college. LOL. Money was an issue…Sure…Your dad is a chef and why would you apply if you couldnt afford it in the first place? I think she failed at life. Wow, a know it all not getting into graduate school? Must hurt. Ouch! She says she now wants to concentrate on a family that she cant have…. Sure sister.

God women are so catty. I hate them.


Strollers: If you can’t afford a car, you can’t afford a kid

For many of us bus-goers the ride is usually somewhat pleasant, until someone pisses us off! The fat people who take up too much room, the morons who sit next to you despite there being 50 empty seats, and of course the middle aged women with inferiority complexes who sit next to you and constantly elbow you while taking 3/4 of your seat!

Today’s topic of discussion is an entirely different beast: The broke-ass mom who can’t afford a car, who decides to bring her huge-ass stroller on the bus, forcing you to get up and give up your seat. I mean it’s annoying enough for an elderly or handicapped person to ask this, or even a pregnant woman, but this person?? Especially when the kid is like 5 and is quite able to walk on their own without the use of the gigantic contraption!! Everyone has to get up for the mom and her stupid kid/stroller to fit in the handicapped area where the seats go up to make room for HANDICAPPED PEOPLE. God. WTF. What are you doing lady? Don’t you gotta van to stick that kid in? No? You can’t afford it? Well what makes you think you can afford that kid in the stroller? Rule of thumb: If you can’t afford a car, or gas for that car, than you can’t afford a kid. Time to tie those tubes or make a pit stop for an IUD!

I had one memorable experience, just last week. St-Laurent stop (there’s a shocker, I think most of the Ottawa sub-housing is located there), a fatish lady, looks like a man, no makeup and bad hair gets on the bus. I hear the dump truck beeps as the entrance floorway goes down to let her and her vehicle onto the bus. She gets to our section and looks at the guy next to me (luckily for her it wasnt me she was looking at) and says in a bitchy manner: “Can you make room for a strollllerrrr?” and gives this bitchy annoyed face. Ha! Like she had a right to that area. I get up and look right at her, prior to exiting the bus to wait for another because I wasn’t gonna stand, and say “That is really frustrating”. If she had spoke to me directly, I woulda added “If you can’t afford a car, you can’t afford a kid”